Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fallout 3

Worst. Ending. Ever.

Remember how I bitched about the end of Dead Space? You know, the end that I never saw because it was a cheap design ploy that made me watch a cut scene over, and over, and over -- so I quit? I hate overly hard end games, especially ones that make me watch a 30 second cut scene multiple times until I "get it right."

I also don't care for boringly easy ones that make NO SENSE. That's Fallout 3. The "end game" of Fallout 3 is rushed, easy as all get out, and makes absolutely zero sense. And there is 0% chance I will replay Fallout 3. Zero. Nil. If this is the best game of 2008, then 2008 was a really weak year for games. Fallout 3 is worth playing, but is that what the Best Game of 2008 should be? Something that's worth playing? Fallout 3 is NOT a game you MUST play. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Todd hinted at this and I'm going to abandon the hint and come right out and say it.

"Hey Fawkes, why don't you do it?"

And while I'm asking, why isn't the Brotherhood of Steel at ALL upset that I am traveling with Fawkes in the first place? No one mentions him...he's kinda hard to miss.

Also -- WHERE IS MY DOG!? And where is Cross?

I'm going back to Monster Lab and Rock Band 2. The drums are a blast and the cymbals make it truly a geeky 'I'm playing with a toy drum set' sorta way...

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas.


Brandon said...

Thanks for spoiling the ending.

Course, I'm not far enough in the game to know what the hell you're talking about, but I like being irritated with you out of habit.

Dogmeat needs to learn to chill or he's going to get himself killed. You know, again.

D said...

I totally agree. All of the people who gave Fallout 3 "GAME OF THE YEAR" deserve to have their gamer cards pulled. Was it a good game? Yeah, I guess. Was is great? Maybe. Was it something I will remember at the end of next year (or later)? Not in the least. The final mission (among other parts of the game) was a total letdown.

Overall, I enjoyed the game, but it was not the "jizz in my pants" experience that I expected given the amount of totally undue praise it was given.

Mike said...

It's interesting how many said that this game would either be great or completely suck. Well, it was OK, mediocre much like every other Bethesda title, and for much the same reasons.

Bland characterizations, bland dialogue, bland storyline. Even stupid storyline at the end, with Fawkes. Here is an amusing take on it, at least it made me chuckle:

Home run on the atmosphere, but bland everything else.

flounder said...

I was very disappointed in the ending as well. Not being able to continue exploring the world afterward was just stupid.

I went back to an earlier save and just started wandering around the wasteland. I'm finding this much more enjoyable then doing the main quest. There are a lot of very detailed areas and side quests out there. Bethesda must have spent so much time creating these, there was no time left for the main storyline.

My advice to new players is to ignore the main quest and just wander. It's a much better game that way.

Flying Norseman said...

I agree. The ending sucked. However, the rest of it was really good. I think I will start a new character and just play without concerning myself with the main story line.