Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fallout 3.

So, when does Fallout 3 get, you know, good?


David "SirFozzie" Yellope said...

Shortly after you double click the Fallout Launcer icon

Steve said...

I thought it was great until the very last scene.

Rand said...

Right about the time you decide to visit the old Fallout 1/2.

More seriously though, I thought it was decent. Not a great game by any means and the main plot is kinda... pretty short and a leaves an awful lot to be desired but I have to say the game as a whole exceeded my expectations.
Really nailed the whole post apocalyptic atmosphere.

bill abner said...

I'm struggling with the dialogue -- and Todd's frustration with the story is ringing true.

I'm doing megaton stuff right now and it's getting better, and I am very early into the game but something isn't clicking just yet.

Flying Norseman said...

Wow. I mean just wow. You guys have lost a lot of credibility with me if you can't see how good Fallout 3 is. Maybe you aren't RPG folk?

Mike in the D said...

Careful there Norseman. I can't speak for Bill personally, but I can tell with absolute certainty that Todd is most definatly "RPG folk". If by RPG folk you mean someone who's been playing RPG computer games for as long as he's had a computer(around 25-30 years now if i'm not mistaking) and sadly watched and chronicled the demise of the genre on the PC.

What I've played of FO3 thus far, I've really enjoyed, but the game is not above reproach.

bill abner said...

I've been playing and loving RPGs since AD&D on the Intellivision and have played Baldur's Gate 1&2 start to finish at least 5 times with various character groups.

I loved the original Fallout games for that matter.

KOTOR 1/2, Icewind Dale, Darklands, Planescape, Ultima, Neverwinter, The Witcher, right down the line.

My love for RPGs might trump my love of sports games.

And I have just barely started to play Fallout 3. My issue with the game right now has nothing to do with the gamplay which I think is quite good but with the dialogue and the story. I hate how the side quests are handled. It's very old school to the point of silliness.

I did just find the dog sidekick, which is cool.

Todd gave the PC version a B+ (same version I am playing) and his complaints with the way the story is handled early on are absolutely true.

Rand said...

Norseman, if the opinion of someone on one game is going to cause you to lose faith in them then I suspect you're soon going to find you cannot trust anyone's opinion.

I don't think I've ever met anyone that likes every single game that I do, and I'm reasonably confident I never will.

As long as he can present logical reasons for his preference it's hard to fault him.

Just irrational to think everyone is going to like the same games no matter how much they may like the same genres.

My biggest issues with FO3 are the main plotline and the apparently intelligence level of the dialog just feels so low.
Removing the slow motion cinematic for every single event in VATS would be appreciated too.
Nice the first dozen times but it really gets aggravating after awhile.

Several more major towns, and a better/longer plot and I think the game could have been great.
The gameplay it'self works better then I expected and I love the atmosphere, it looks and feels much more like a post-nuclear wasteland then it's predecessors did. (Even taking into account the obvious visual advantages).

I didn't have Bill's problem with the side quests, I enjoyed them far more then the main storyline. They worked well IMHO, without the excessive handholding Oblivion pushed on you.

The faults are almost all in the writing.

bill abner said...

Norse is a longtime blog reader so he gets a pass.

I really do love rpgs though.

I'm about to fire up F3 as Ashley and mom are going to watch the new Drake and Josh movie.

F3 is heaven compared to that.

Flying Norseman said...

Consider me, schooled. :)

Bill, your list of RPGs mirrors my own. Fallout 3 really struck a chord with me, so I am probably cutting it more slack than I normally would. I can't wait until you finish it so I can hear your thoughts on the ending.

I played it on the 360, but I am considering playing it again on the PC just like I did Oblivion.

I didn't mean to call anyone out, just being a bit tongue in cheek.