Thursday, December 18, 2008

Braylon Edwards: Class Act

"I’m not Paul Warfield, Webster Slaughter or Jim Brown. I’ve given my all to this city for four years, and I realize it will never be enough. I went to the Pro Bowl last year and resurrected this team from the darkness, and nobody cared.”

“People in this town believe they are entitled to too much. They have been disrespectful to me and my family. I’ve gone out in public with my family and have had to deal with being called foul names. My parents have been called vulgar things at restaurants.”

“My biggest problem is that I actually give a damn. I’m always rushing back from surgeries and injuries, never missing games or practices. But through this, I’ve learned how to overcome adversity. I’m also proud of how my foundation has taken off. I’ve been doing all this community service in Cleveland … my charity efforts will only be in Detroit from now on.”


The people in CLEVELAND feel they are entitled to too much? Are you HIGH?

Here's a prime reason why it gets more and more difficult for me to care about pro sports. It's REALLY hard to root for my Browns like I used when I was young because we have a team full of players like this. These quotes are some of the most ridiculous I have ever heard from a player. It makes Moss and T.O. look like school children.

Braylon thinks because he's a Michigan player that Browns fans give him a hard time.

No. Cleveland has had players from Michigan in the past who were treated just fine. If Tom Brady played for Cleveland he would (prolly have been decapitated by a DE by now...) but would be treated as a king. IF YOU WIN the fans cheer. If you lose and act like a primmadonna they get pissed regardless of your Alma mater.

Browns fans give him a hard time because he leads the league in DROPS. BIG DROPS. Game changing drops. If you look at that quote -- he took the Browns out of the darkness. Not the Oline, or the fact that Anderson helped make him a star last year. It was all Braylon. Of course it was still dark enough that we failed to make the playoffs. And this year? I guess #17 lost his flashlight because Cleveland is one of the worst teams in the league in 2008 and Edwards is a primary receiver who you cannot trust to catch the football.

Fans who chastise players and parents in public suck. But to think this is just something that happens in Cleveland is stupid. There is a section of football fans, as a rule, who are low hanging society fruit. It's part of the deal, Braylon. Catch the football. It will stop. People are losing their jobs on a daily basis -- many in northern Ohio. And they're walking pissed off machines.


As for doing no more charity work in the area -- that's classy. It's the kid's fault, after all. Stupid homeless kids.

The Browns are a mess from the front office on down. And our "star" WR is a prime example of why.

Stupid homeless people.