Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Date with Infamy

So, if you've turned on ESPN this week, or a late night comedy show, or cracked a newspaper, or a sports blog, or this blog, or or or... you're aware the Lions go for 0-16 today. As I noted prior to their loss to New Orleans last week, I'm not rooting for 0-16. I understand why some fans are, but I can't do it. One win won't make a lick of difference as to what the incompetent William Clay Ford will do with the team come tomorrow and as long as he's running the show the odds remain stacked against the Lions forging any kind of significant turnaround.

Ford has already said he intends to keep Millen's right and left hands (Tom Lewand and Martin Mayhew) in their current roles and would like to hire a third person to run the organization by committee. I've got no grudge against those two and I'm not qualified to judge their qualifications, but that's not change I smell in the air, that's the stench of continued failure. I don't know what power the NFL has over this franchise, but if it's possible for them to do so, they should take the Lions into receivership and strip Ford of all decision-making ability with regards to who gets the keys to the franchise. Ford is the only constant in 50+ years of losing and as long as he steers the ship it will continue to founder.