Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Airing of Grievances: More Media Hating

No doubt at this point you know all about Fox News' latest foray into shady (ie - flat out wrong) journalism. Short version: Did you know Mass Effect has a full frontal nude sex scene in which the user could do *anything* they wanted? And that this game (Rated M) has been marketed to children?

Neither did I. Nor anyone on the planet who has, you know, played the frigg'n game.

My plan, of course, was to go off on Fox News and the media in general (again). But it turns out Bill Harris at Dubious Quality has already done that for me:

and here.

He's also done it far better than I could've hoped. I was just planning to use a lot of four-letter words, a thesaurus to find every existing synonym for retarded, and possibly embed a picture of Napoleon Dynamite.

Wait, I can still do that last one:

Did you even play Mass Effect? GAWD!

This is must read blogging, folks, so get with the link clickage already.