Monday, January 21, 2008

Bill's Top Ten Movies of 2007

10. Sicko - Love Michael Moore or hate him, it's hard to deny that he's a professional shit-stirrer. This is his most centrist movie, by far really, and might be his best. It also made like a tenth of the money Fahrenheit 9/11 did.

9. Ratatouille - After the dismal Pixar film that was Cars, the company got back in gear with its best movie since The Incredibles.

8. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story - John C. Reilly has made a living playing a fabulous second fiddle -- he's one of the best character actors around but this shows he can take the lead and make you laugh your ass off.

7. Juno - I wish I was this witty. But I'm not.

6. Michael Clayton - Clooney catches some flak as being a pretty boy, but the man can act and Michael Clayton was a real surprise. It's really, really good.

5. Knocked Up - Roll those dice, baby.

4. Eastern Promises - Aragorn as a Russian Mobster! Some brutal scenes in this one. There's a scene where Viggo cuts the fingers off a dead man's hand -- and they show it. That isn't one of the more brutal parts in the movie...

3. Charlie Wilson's War - Hanks is great but as usual Hoffman steals the movie. Amazing how this real life drama played out, and even more amazing that it's a blip in American history.

2. Superbad - I laughed at nearly every scene, and if not for the McLovin' references that you have to endure (it's the new Waaaaazzzup catch phrase) it might even be my #1.

1. There Will Be Blood - OK I'm kidding. Superbad really shouldn't be THAT high, but I can't help it. I liked it. It's nowhere near as good as There Will be Blood and Daniel Day Lewis might be the best actor on the planet.