Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Curse of Unplayed Games

This is really the #1 issue with gamers and boardgames.

Trust me when I say how easy it is to get addicted to buying new games. If you're a PC/console game buying addict believe me it's the same with the plastic and the cardboard. The reason why games tend to pile up is usually duew to a lack of people to play with.

Take my #1 game of 2007, Shogun, for example. That takes a minimum of 3 players. It's one thing to sit down and play a game with Mary. She likes boardgames almost as much as I do. But to get that 3rd or 4th person involved--well that takes planning. And when you';re out of school with a job, and kids, OR if you have friends who do not have kids -- this tends to muck up plans. Add to the fact that when we do all mange to get together people are not always up for trying "new" games and would rather play known favs.

What ends up happening is you get a backlog of games that remain unplayed, waiting for the day you can actually try them out.

Here's my current crop:

1960: The Making of the President

Half of the design team behind Twilight Struggle, I got for this Christmas and is in fact a 2-player game so this won't remain on this list too long.

Puerto Rico

The #1 rated game on BGG, I have it, but have never gotten around to playing it. Need at least 3 people and we usually play AoE 3 for our Euro fix.

War of the Ring

Recently got this in a trade and it's a HUGE game. I set this up for a solo run and's "involved." If I ever get a chance I'll play this with Todd. He'd love this.

Duel in the Dark

Neat looking game about England and Germany in WW2 and the night bombing runs that blew the hell out of Germany.

Infernal Contraption

Bought this card game on a whim. It has rocket building goblins on the cover. I'm a sucker for rocket building goblins. Needs 3 players.

Athens & Sparta

Similar to Hammer of the Scots but this time it's based on the Peloponnesian War, fought from 431BC to 404BC.

Tigris & Euphrates

"They" say this is Knizia's best game. Needs at least 3 players and after reading the rules twice...I have NO CLUE how to play this game. None. Zero.

I hope to get to these games this year, but hey, unlike videogames, these games don't die with age so time is in fact on my side!