Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Blood Bowl and Buckeyes

First off, anyone that knows me knows how much I love me some Blood Bowl. Check these pics out -- I cannot wait for this game. And for me to really get excited about a videogame these days -- wow that's rare. I have been waiting for a true BB PC conversion since...well since MicroLeague tried to do it back in like 1993. And failed.

In OSU news, as a bandage for the LSU loss, nearly every OSU Jr,. is back for his senior season. OSU only lost DE Vernon Gholsten to the league. Laurinaitis, Robiskie, Boone, and Jenkins are all returning and should provide something we lacked this year -- lots of senior leadership. As bad as the national outlook on the Buckeyes is -- they aren't going anywhere. This will be a significantly better team in '08. They'll have to be as the schedule isn't the cupcake that it was in '07.


Brandon said...

It's funny. When you mentioned Blood Bowl and OSU, I thought the Blood Bowl you were talking about was the LSU game. ;)


Loren said...

Blood Bowl, a game that was played for about 4 straight years at Christmas. My wife's cousin got it for Christmas one year and we started playing it (me and my brother-in-law vs. his 2 cousins). We won every single year and I think the last time we played we gave them a huge drubbing with our excellent dice skills. That was about it for that game, but I think a videogame would be cool as well.

DarkNater said...

But, but. but, does it have Slann?

-- Slann of Death

bill abner said...

No but I bet it has the Menzoberranzan Motherrapers! ;)