Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bill's Top 10 Games of 2007

Now, this list is comprised solely of games I actually played in '07. Here's the thing. Games aren't my life. Sure, I review a lot of games, do my Gameshark duties and generally fiddle with game related stuff pretty much every day of the year. But my "free time" gaming is almost nil. So I usually miss out of a lot of games every year because when I'm not in review mode...I have a life...with a family...I'm weird like that. So Call of Duty 4 might kick ass. I wouldn't know. "They" say it does. But it's not on my list. Also some of these games are leftovers from 2006 but that I actually played last year. So games like Call of Duty 4, Crysis, Halo 3 (yawn), Rock Band, Orange Box...all might be super duper sweet. They aren't on the list.

My rules -- I make them up.

10. World of WarCraft

2007 marked the year I finally kicked the habit. I stopped playing in July. But from January to July...I played...a lot...just like I did in 2005 and 2006. It's on here just to finally cast out the demon. It's dead in me now. Whew.

9. Super Mario Galaxy

A late entry -- we got a Wii for Christmas and Ashley has, more then once, asked me to stop playing SMG so she could play EA Playground (which also almost made this list.) I am a terrible father.

8. College Hoops 2K8

A good game, not a great one, but I am such a sucker for college sports. This series seems to be dead now, which bites because EA's March Madness is like playing basketball with your nuts in a vice. Sorry for the image.

7. NBA 2K8

One great flaw from being arguably the best arcade sports game ever made. Still, damn fun, but they need to fix the low post game. Great game, though.

6. Medieval II: Total War

Technically a 2006 game but this series is just plain great, and I still need to get the Kingdoms expansion.

5. Galactic Civilizations II: Dark Avatar

Turn based strategy nirvana.

4. OOTP 2007

The best baseball game ever made. It's true.

3. Mass Effect

Finally played this well after release and it was MUCH better than I thought it would be. I still hate these types of games as as general rule on the console but I admit...this is damn good. A PC version would be better though.

2. The Witcher

The best RPG of 2007. Seriously great. On the PC too, bitches.

1. BioShock

Shit ending? Yeah. Awesome game? Yeah. On the PC.