Thursday, June 19, 2008

Todd and Bill's Excellent Adventure -- OOTP 9 Double Time!

We both have OOTP 9 and I'll be posting some thoughts as I progress through the new features. Todd will too because I am making him. I have that kind of power. I'm also playing The Political machine and I'll be posting about that, too. It's a cute game with bobbleheads.

Today will be slow blog and work wise as Ashley gets her first set of "intro" braces. Those tiny braces that kids get before they graduate to the bigger ones. She's um...thrilled.

In boardgame news, Michael's conclusion to There Will Be Games is up. A great, sad story.

I'm knee deep in new games from goofy, gather around the table and laugh at people games like Last Night on Earth (if you like zombie movies -- MUST hilarity.) In somewhat depressing news, Blackbeard totally flopped. I have yet to play a truly great pirate boardgame and I have tried nearly all of them. I dunno why that is, but it's the one genre no one can really get right.

To more historical wargames that Mary and I enjoy a great deal.

Like Age of Napoleon:

And Warriors of God:

Warriors of God just came out in limited release and is about the 100 Years War. Fortress Ameritrash has a GREAT review on it.

I have a design doc written out for our racing boardgame. When we have a prototype, which we're close to having, I'll open up another blog dedicated to it. Almost there.