Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hump Day Music Break

Lots of pictures coming tomorrow. I found the camera...whew.

Anwyay, today we're going into the archive. There are a select few bands that I can listen to pretty much 24/7. The Beatles, Zeppelin, The Who, Neil Young, The White Stripes, and Pink Floyd among a few others.

I saw Floyd in concert at Ohio State back in the mid 90s -- well, we sat on the hill outside of Ohio Stadium, but I saw it dammit! It was an "ok" show. Lots of lights, a big ta-do about the same songs everyone has heard a gabillion times. I love the classic Pink Floyd set -- Brick in the Wall, Hey You...pretty much the entire Wall CD. But it's nowhere near my favorite stuff from the band.

I much prefer the early Pink Floyd days.

Here's an absolutely great YouTube vid of The Gnome, off the Floyd's first album, Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Syd loved kids songs and this is a prime example. Plus whoever did this video...awesome.!