Friday, June 27, 2008

August 1, 2008 -- The Reds in OOTP 9

I really don't know what to make of this. I'm a Reds fan. Yes, those that follow the blog...I root hard for the Browns, but I also follow the Reds rather than the Tribe. Being from SW Ohio there is reason for that. My dad. Dad grew up watching the Browns in the 50s and 60s -- this was before the Bengals existed. So when Cincy got a team he was already 100% devoted to the Browns -- plus Cleveland was great. Jim Brown, Paul Warfield...awesome teams. But the Reds have been around since Ambrose Burnside. So it was always the Reds and the Browns.


OOTP for the first time ever comes with default team rosters -- real players. No need to download the Lahman database. You get it right out of the gate. I need to ask Todd how his Tiger season is going but the Reds -- the 2008 Reds, on 8/1/2008 have a 5 game lead at 62-48.

Reds starting pitching is dominant with Arroyo having an All Star season along with Harang. Even rookie Homer Bailey went from a AAA 5 star prospect with 1 star current ability to a 4 star 22 year old -- in three months.

The Red Sox are 20 games out in the AL East.

It's odd to say the least.


todd brakke said...

I've got a ten season sim running at work that I need to copy to my home machine so that I can actually pour through the results.

I do know the Tigers in that sim (I don't control anything) blew up and fast. A couple retirements, a couple FA defections and a couple of their core young guys just dropped off a cliff (in terms of ratings). After just five seasons I think their were only two holdovers from the current roster, which seems extreme to me.

Granderson went south in just a couple of seasons. Verlander was demoted to AAA. (Seriously. WTF?) I don't know if those are flukes (gotta look at more of the other teams) or problems with the included MLB player database.

In two season with my fictional league I haven't seen anything that extreme yet.

bill abner said...

It might be somethng with that default roster. I finished 2008 and the Reds won 95 games. This was w/o me doing much at all -- no trades, some minor waiver claims and lineup shuffling.

Hatteberg at 38 was amazing, but it was the staff -- the Reds true life Achilles Heel that won them 95games.

Matt Belisle going 10-5 with a 3.5 ERA, Arroyo 3rd in the NL in ERA, rookie Homer Bailey turning into a 22 year old 5 star phenom and the bullpen -- NO ONE over 4.00 ERA.

Very much extreme and as a Reds fan let me just say -- no way in hell could that happen.

And the Red Sox won 70 games. Beckett dropped to 2 stars, Dice K was just weird.

Let me know what you think of scouting, btw. I am about to disable it once again. It's just too much of a crapshoot.

My scout is supposedly great but the guys he saw 5 star potential in--everyone to a man is actually dogshit. Not just "worse than expected" but 1 star dogshit.

I went into the editor to lok at raw data and this guy drafted the bad news bears.