Monday, April 7, 2008

MLB 2K8 Patch is Out

I have no idea how it plays because I'm playing The Show but perhaps Todd can shed some light.


Buy a PS3 yet? :)


tmyoung68 said...

I played one game this morning with the patch. The frame rate has been cleaned up a ton. There are still some hiccups at the end of plays every once in while, but the game plays very smooth now. I used the Cardinals to beat up on the Orioles 6-1 on Pro difficulty. When I first picked up the game, I would have lost 26-2. I did force the Orioles to use their worst starter, though. But I only threw two meatballs the whole game.

I know you've mentioned that you were not happy with the way extra base hits were handled, but I still get my fair share. I was able to score from 1st on a double by Pujols. I have also been able to get two bases on most singles, just as you should.

I did notice a very ugly lack of collision detection when Kennedy fielded a ground ball at 2nd, only to have the runner slice right through him as he was fielding. It should have been runner's interference, but Kennedy was able to throw him out at 2nd anyway.

I tried to play online, but the 2K Network was down. A couple of guys on the 2K forums claimed the lag was gone online, while others say it was still a case of swinging before the pitch leaves the pitcher's hand. Probably going to have to have all green bars in order to play, which is a bummer if that is not your friend or the guy you will be playing in a league or tourney.

Just waiting for a roster update in order to start a franchise. I have to admit that I have really grown to love this game. It's been a few years since I found a baseball game worth playing.

I'm hoping to work my way up to playing on All-Star soon. I want to work on taking more pitches first. Once I feel like I am reading balls and strikes well, I will move up.

I'm sure I will start throwing more balls at the next level. I've pretty much nailed pitching down on Pro. It took me a full 10 game season on the easiest level to really get pitching.

It didn't help that I use the Cardinals, who only have one decent pitcher. I started playing games with other teams in order to win more cards, and I found a huge difference when you have the better pitchers. But that is a huge plus in the game for me.

bill abner said...

Great input, thanks!

todd brakke said...

I've heard squat about the patch so far, but I am still playing the game. Hopefully I can take a crack at it tonight.

I'm 7 games into a franchise. tmyoung68 - you can download accurate user made rosters if you have a transfer kit. I gave up waiting on new rosters from 2k.

Jayhawker said...

Thanks, Todd. I'm a Mac guy, so the transfers are kind of a pain. I may try it now that I have Boot Camp and XP running.

Played another game, and I think I figured out how they got the frame rate down. No more flapping jerseys! Even when I set the game to windy, the jerseys are still. It may irritate the kids on the 2K forums, but I think that was a good move. what a waste of resources (in more ways than one) those flapping jerseys were.

Gameplaywise, I'm happy. But while collecting the cards is kind of cool, It irritates the crap out of me how much work it will be to unlock all of the rosters. I have one of the Cooperstown rosters unlocked, but it is going to take forever to get the other one. Then there are the classic player rosters I can't get to.

I just finsihed lsoign 5-2 with the D-Backs to the Marlins. I earned ONE card. Orlando Hudson. The game before I picked up three, which I can sell, since they are duplicates. But I have to keep Hudson. Nice idea, but not fully thought through.

Jayhawker said...

Scratch that, the jerseys just started flapping. Not sure why, but the frame rate is holding up. Sorry for the bad info.