Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Fortwo?

OK so my parents just got back from Rome. This by itself was a stunning development because my father had never left the US in his life -- and said he never planned to unless it was specifically to go to the horse races. This was the first trip my father has ever taken (that I can recall) that did not involve a trip to the track. A milestone, believe me. Dad is actually part owner of a horse that was on the Derby Trail until he had an injury setback so the timing was right to go.

Well, they both had a blast (another shocker). My parents enjoy history and Rome drips of it so I guess it's not that surprising. The biggest letdown for them was -- oddly enough -- the food. In Rome? Yeah, in Rome. Weird. Anyway so they get back and my dad calls me and says he's buying a new car. Wha??

Turns out he fell in love with this little mini roadster thing that is all over Italy called the fortwo. It's small, compact, and gets like 55 miles per gallon and since they pay around $9.00 a gallon in Rome the thing is literally everywhere.

My dad's an impulse buyer -- when he wants something, he gets it. He's been like this since...forever, really. His plan is to buy one -- Saturday and the only place that sells them in Ohio is a dealer that is 10 minutes from my house. He's a retired steel worker who, despite his spending habits, worked wonders with his money. I really have no idea how they did it. So this weekend Todd and his family are coming as is my old college buddy -- and now my parents are coming in on Saturday to buy this new car.

I'm going to be booked.