Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Hell?

I was playing some more MLB '08 last night (since I've "discovered" the button that shows the batter/pitcher matchup, complete with hot/cold hitting zones, my pitching has been worlds better) and had one of those moment that just defies explanation.

I'm in another 1-0 game (losing), pitching in the sixth inning. There's a man on first and the hitter hits a hard grounder just to the right of second base. The second basement doesn't move an inch to try to glove it, but whatever. Probably wouldn't have gotten to it anyway. This is where it gets weird. The ball rolls to a stop in the shallow outfield and both the right and center fielders close in on it. They're about five steps from being able to pick up the ball and they just stop. I stare at the screen for a moment, completely dumbfounded, only to see the catcher emerge from the bottom of the screen and go racing into right-center field to pick up the ball. Of course, by the time he does both the runner and batter have scored. I was... non-plussed.

Fortunately, my team bailed me out and pulled out a 5-3 win in the late innings. I really hope that I don't see anything like that happen again.