Monday, April 28, 2008

MLB 08 The Show Roster Update

I'm still not playing my franchise yet and the reason is the massive roster project from Knight and Jim at OS. Here's the latest update:

Anyway....three...four days TOPS I'll be ready to give you the "completed" version. By this I mean FULL MINOR LEAGUES.....All teams with the correct 40 man rosters....set to opening day.....all lineups and rotations set(MINOR LEAGUES ALSO). That set will have over 1000 players created by Jim and I!

If you're not worried about edits to the SCEA MLB can go with that one.

Then 'theaub' will do edits to the Major league players(he's listed them)....they are the edits I was going to do, but Aubrey was AWESOME enough to take that on for me and give me a much needed break.(I totally appreciate that Aub)

Then 'strut' will fix the stances and windups.....(Kudos once again to another fine member of O.S. coming up big)

Then RaZRr will do some pitching edits to correct some incorrect pitches and pitch speeds(Thank you as this will make the set ULTRA-realistic!)

This is the roster I would wait for to do a franchise Hope that clears up some stuff....