Tuesday, April 8, 2008

CGW/GFW Magazine: End of an Era

Just spotted a depressing post over at Jeff Green's blog. (Green is the Editor-in-Chief of Games for Windows Magazine, formerly Computer Gaming World.) Looks like they've officially shipped their final issue of GFW and that after this month the mag will be no more.

That's a shame. I grew up with Computer Gaming World. It was the original and, to my mind, the definitive print magazine for computer games. (Note that the primary editorial players for GFW will still be at 1Up, and they'll still be driving PC gaming content. They'll just be doing it exclusively online from now on.) I wasn't a big fan of the switch to the Games for Windows title, but the content they produced for it never suffered after the change. In fact, it may have gotten better in many respects.

While I'm sorry to see it go, there's no doubt they had a heck of a run. More than 20 years ain't bad for a mag about computer games.