Saturday, April 5, 2008

Buckeyes, Martin Luther, and Alexander

An odd trio, for sure.

Bad news from Buckeye camp as prized Freshman OT Mike Adams will require shoulder surgery following an injury suffered in practice. Many had Big Mike pegged as the starting RT so this is indeed sad news. We should find out more today about his status.

In better OSU news, Justin Boren, the starting interior O-lineman for Michigan who left the program because RichRod is apparently molesting park benches (that's the rumor!) might end up at OSU. A former starter at UM coming to Columbus? How sweet is that? Well, not for Todd, but I think it's great. Sorry Todd.

OK game news.

I'm about to get in on a 6-player email game of Here I Stand, a detailed war/political game centered on the Protestant Reformation. And seriously -- who HASN'T wanted to play a detailed game about Martin Luther and Calvin?

Continuing my wargame kick I just ordered The Great Battles of Alexander with the supplemental "Simple Rules" set. I have such a soft spot for this game because of how much I enjoyed the PC games from I-Magic back in the late 90s. OK so that's Napoleon's Triumph, Men of Iron, Alexander, and an email game of HiS. Am I turning into a grognard?

Lastly, April 18th through the 20th is Abner Con 2008! OK actually this is when Todd and his family comes to spend the weekend as well as my old college buddy who is stationed near Chicago. Really looking forward to that. Many a game will be played that weekend.