Saturday, July 17, 2010

UConn Gets Big W

I guess you can call a win against a winless SEC team a big win, right?

Well, that's what I am calling it.

Even though this Online Dynasty Hub thing is still buggy, I am utterly amazed at how cool it is. I said this on he podcast we recorded Thursday, but from now on every big budget sports game absolutely needs to have this feature. EA Sports MUST make this SOP for all of its games. It's brilliant in its idea -- it's just still a bit kinky.

So, yeah, we beat Vandy in a game that again highlights how the games tend to play out differently this year in NCAA.

I turned the ball over six times. Six. I was picked off four times and fumbled twice. That hasn't even been remotely close to how my other games have played out. Against Vandy I threw two really bad passes that were totally my fault. The other two?

One was deflected at the line, traveled about 12 yards and was picked off by a LB.

The other was on a post route and it hit my RS Freshman dead in the hands, bounced straight up in the air and the Vandy safety dove and picked it off. Totally cool.

How did I win after a six turnover Husky Meltdown?

I returned an INT for a TD (you can view the video of this play on the Dynasty page) and Vandy fumbled a kickoff which I turned into a TD a few plays later. That's 14 points that you can't count on every game.

Plus my run game was killing the Commodores. People are saying that running on AA lvl is tad easy and they may be right but you all need to know one very important thing -- the sliders this year work. (well, except the pass interference one..)

Do a test. Put the QB Accuracy slider at 0. Then go practice. It is EXACTLY what you should see. You will be lucky to complete a pass even without the defense on the field. Perfect. Sliders SHOULD be extreme. You will see a difference between a 50 and a 60 in this game, which makes tweaking things SO much easier.

You will also see a difference between a WR who can run routes and one that can't. You will see a huge difference in catching ability this year -- my RS Freshman WR needs to take a game off. The dude is a wreck. My SR? Catches almost everything near him.

After some slight modifications to the sliders -- I am no longer a 7 sack per game team.

The AI on AA lvl can run the ball -- with some slider tweaks. The Vandy HB had 19 carries for 85 yards and as a team Vandy ran for over 100. It still struggles when running a true spread and it sucks with misdirection plays but overall, it's competent.

And even though the game has issues it's this unpredictability that I find alluring -- I can't wait to play my next game and the last time I felt that way about an NCAA game?

NCAA 2004.

Yes, it has been that long.

Coming up next, the season sim stat test -- I forgot to do this last night.