Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So, Michigan Wins

Another cool part of the new Online Dynasty settings is that people can share their dynasties easily with other people.

Like this.

Hopefully you can see that. You should see a headline that says:

Connecticut falls In Ann Arbor

It's true. We lost. You can also view stats so I don't have to rattle them off here.

What a great, great feature. Automatic story updates, photos...this is crazy!

What is not so great is this:

This game started to show a pattern -- the AI can't run Michigan's spread very well. Yes, they won 23-13 and yes Forcier (I have auto names on so I think his name is Parker) threw for like 270 yards but two were on bombs. The AI WILL go deep this year. Love that.

But I hated the last sequence of that game. I was down 16-14 with 1:03 left. Michigan had the ball on its 20 and I had 3 Time outs

The plays they call? Run (time out, a PASS in the flat (time out) and now with 1 TO left and 3rd and 7 they call a deep post? OK, yeah, it worked for a 75 yard TD but that's some crazy aggressive playcalling there Mr. Rodriguez.

Michigan also scored on a fumble return. So I'm calling this a moral victory.

An issue that popped up again with UM: look at those rushing stats. UCONN's defense is rather suspect so Michigan really should have been able to run, but on default All American sliders, that didn't happen. But remember my OSU/Wisky game and Clay ran who knows? I do think the AI still has a hell of a time just running in a straight line. Stop with the jukes, guy, just run.

Let's see how the Huskies handle Akron.

Oh, yeah, I also lost my QB for 4 weeks. Nice start.