Friday, July 30, 2010

Madden 11 Day at the Feisty Weasel

Happy Friday.

So what are your plans this weekend? A little house cleaning? Reruns of Top Chef? The wife making you pull weeds from the garden?

Yeah, sorry about that.

I'll be playing Madden 11, which arrived about 10 minutes ago. OK that was mean.

The plan, in case you were wondering, is to post impressions when the embargo on said impressions lifts which appears to be August 2nd for "final impressions" but full on reviews are embargoed until August 10th.

So come Monday you can expect me to start talking Madden with the published review ready for the 10th.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the Madden 11 Q&A with Ian Cummings that I just posted at GameShark.

Have a good weekend.


Deelron said...

That was mean. Boourns.

Cory said...

You are horrible.

David "SirFozzie" Yellope said...

Someone over at FrontOfficeFootball also got the game early, but I guess it was retail, because he's posting up details. Don't like what I'm seeing..

bill abner said...

I'll be able to talk Monday.

It's an ...interesting game.

Jayhawker said...

I'm definitely curious. I think I might have liked the demo more than NCAA, to be honest.

But I'm getting the distinct feeling that this is a good year to skip football and just revel in the glory that will be NHL 11.

jcalvert said...

Bill - bad link to your Q&A article. You forgot the dot.h-t-m suffix.

jcalvert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bill abner said...

It's there. It's the ad thing that messes it up.