Thursday, July 15, 2010

NCAA 11: Some Good, Some Bad, and Some Bugs

So, I am ruining the tradition that is Connecticut football. We lost to Temple. No BS, no gamey nonsense, I flat out lost to Temple.

Here, look.

A few caveats:

I am now playing on AA lvl but with boosted CPU run blocking and run ability and Human QB Accuracy at 45 (makes it tougher to throw on the run and lead receivers).

I wanted to see if boosting the CPU running (to 60 I think) helped and the Temple HB (their star player) responded with, well, look at the stats.

Still, losing is a sweet, sweet feeling. And on AA no less. Granted I am playing with a weakish team but Temple was rated slightly lower and they jumped out to a 13-0 lead and held on.

Against Akron my HB was dynamite and here he was held in check until the 4th. We're still dodging patterns to some degree and that's great, great news.

There is no more massive INT issue. Again, look at those stats. The Temple QB picked me apart to the tune of 291 yards on 27/38 passing and no INTs. I don't CARE if some should have been picked. I can extend my suspension of belief to accept that. I'd rather have my DBs drop picks than get 5 per game. Is it canned? Yep.

But so what?

If I can keep this level of competition with the CPU I will play this game a long, long time. I see bad passes, I see bad passes when under pressure, I see DROPS -- but not too many -- missed assignments, great catches, missed's pretty wild stuff for an NCAA game. I'm waiting for that other shoe to kick me in the face.

That said -- there are issues.

Go back and click that link up there to view my Dynasty page. You can view images there and there is one video -- on the far right of that scroll bar. Watch that video and commence the snickering.

Yes, that's a bug. That was the CPU running what looks to be a play action screen near the goal line and then...well...yeah.

There were other eye catchers in that game. The old bug when a player's AI routine stops is back in effect here. It's like the player is a robot and someone pulls the plug and he stands still until you switch to control him. Annoying -- and needs a patch.

Penalties are still basically: offsides, false starts (after you boost it to 100), facemasks (keep this no higher than 55), holding (55 max here too) and...that's it. Defensive PI looks to be MIA yet again, which sucks.

I'm a tick leery of the late game playcalling, but I cannot say that with complete certainty.. Temple seemed oblivious that all they needed to do was take a knee in the 4th and was still running no huddle on me.

Yeah, I was shown up by TEMPLE.

Oh, and I will not forget.