Monday, July 19, 2010

Some NCAA 11 Black Eyes

Thus far, we have been (shockingly) positive re: NCAA 11. If you have read my stuff over the years you know that I have had a love/hate relationship with this series ever since it went "next gen"

NCAA 11 is, I think, the best version since 2004. That's a lot of underachieving years in between but this version has turned an important corner.

But flawless?


Here's a rundown of what is not to like about the latest version

  • The aforementioned play action pass bug. EA knows about it.

  • When AI controlled backs get in open space they cover the ball up like it's the 4th quarter and they will do anything but fumble. It looks ridiculous and slows down the runner.

  • Pursuit angles still suck. Here's a great example of this. Look at the video along the scroll bar at the bottom. My HB takes the handoff, make a nice hesitation move and a double spin, then is off to the races. The Rutgers CB (#4) has the angle and there's no way I should beat him to the end zone, but watch what he does. This issue has hurt this game for years -- I have no idea why it is so hard to fix.

  • I want you to watch the next video from that same game. I'm about to score on Rutgers on a toss sweep. Look what the AI defender does at the last moment. He basically "turns off" like an unplugged toaster. Now, I do not see these glitches every game but seeing them once is too many IMO.

  • The Online Dynasty Hub is AWESOME, but it's down WAY too much. It's very unreliable at the moment.

  • Clock management/late game playcalling still needs a rewrite.

  • Too much no huddle from the AI.

  • Penalties are still screwy. Pass Interference simply does not exist.

  • Use of subs isn't high enough for my taste.

  • I still want a fast clock to allow me to play 15 min quarters. (I currently use 9)

  • Simulated QB stats are still wonky. Look, I love Pryor but if the kid throws 27 TDs with 2 picks in 2010 I will streak down High Street naked wearing an I Love Michigan banner covering my naughty bits. And that's not gonna happen. Is it better than before? Yeah, but Pryor was 18 TDs 11 INTs in 2009 and the game sees 27/2 for 2010?