Friday, July 16, 2010

Sacks and a patch

First off, I haven't been reading any NCAA forums so I dunno how widespread this is but I have now witnessed first hand, two times, the "CPU QB fake hand-off stuck in an animation and drops back 30 yards" bug.

I will forgive any glitch once. Shit happens. But Todd saw it yesterday in a game he played and I have now seen it twice.

That's officially an issue.

On the plus side, UConn got its groove back against lowly Buffalo. My first two 50+ yard runs. Buffalo is awful.

Stat wise my games have looked shockingly realistic (boosting CPU running is important btw) sans one area: sacks.

The Huskies lead the NCAA in sacks -- I have 23 in four games. And my Dline isn't quite the Fearsome Foursome.

I haven't messed with sliders at all in this area but the issue is more QB Awareness -- QBs (especially bad ones) hold the ball WAY too long. This results in a slew of coverage sacks. Add to that the fact that the AI doesn't know to keep a HB in to block and you get a lot of pressures and a lot of sacks, which looks nice in the stat sheet but after a while it starts to get a little ridiculous.