Friday, July 16, 2010

Sacks and a patch

First off, I haven't been reading any NCAA forums so I dunno how widespread this is but I have now witnessed first hand, two times, the "CPU QB fake hand-off stuck in an animation and drops back 30 yards" bug.

I will forgive any glitch once. Shit happens. But Todd saw it yesterday in a game he played and I have now seen it twice.

That's officially an issue.

On the plus side, UConn got its groove back against lowly Buffalo. My first two 50+ yard runs. Buffalo is awful.

Stat wise my games have looked shockingly realistic (boosting CPU running is important btw) sans one area: sacks.

The Huskies lead the NCAA in sacks -- I have 23 in four games. And my Dline isn't quite the Fearsome Foursome.

I haven't messed with sliders at all in this area but the issue is more QB Awareness -- QBs (especially bad ones) hold the ball WAY too long. This results in a slew of coverage sacks. Add to that the fact that the AI doesn't know to keep a HB in to block and you get a lot of pressures and a lot of sacks, which looks nice in the stat sheet but after a while it starts to get a little ridiculous.


Jayhawker said...

The handoff glitch was a known issue prior to release, but I thought I had red that it would be fixed in a day one or two patch. But whatever the very first update was did not correct it.

I wish I was getting sacks like your numbers. My Jayhawks can't seem to close the deal.

And welcome back. I had actually just taken your bookmark off my bar, but checked back to see if you guys had anything on NCAA 11. I missed you guys.

bill abner said...

Maintaining the gshark website, doing a lot of behind the scene gameshark stuff, and doing the podcast, and being dad during the summer -- being here all day with Ashley makes freetime daily blogging tough.

Todd's just lazy.

Jayhawker said...


It's all good. I try to listen to your podcast as much as I can. You guys do a really nice job with it.

The more I play this game, the more I am really enjoying what it does really well. Also, in the last two games I played, I was able to run a variety of PA without the glitch. Not sure if that means anything.

In the last game, TCU was hammering my QB, so I went in and set Hold blocks to aggressive. At the time, I made a nice series of passes and scored a late 2nd quarter TD to tie the game.

But in the second half, I had a couple of holding calls just kill a couple of drives. I should have lost 14-10, but TCU threw a late TD when they should have been grinding it out. They were letting the clock run, but on 3rd and long, I guess the CPU just can't help itself. So I went down 21-10. This is an Online Dynasty, so the close loss would have been nice, since TCU is #9.

At this point I feel pretty comfortable that there is far more to enjoy with this release than there is to dislike. While I will probably get Madden when push comes to shove, I really don't think I will need the game. NCAA will be plenty until NHL 11 drops.