Thursday, July 29, 2010

NCAA 11 Update in the Works

First off, the number of people that have read the blog over the past week, linked from various sites, continues to amaze me. You know Todd we really ought to do a Google Ad Sense thing every July.

It IS discouraging that so many came from a Michigan blog and none came from the (popular) OSU site I post on. Thanks guys. Sheesh.

So, sounds like we may get an update to help alleviate some of the issues in NCAA 11.

Here's proof.

Money quote, "Our first LTP ( LIVE TUNING PACKAGES) should be arriving next week along with detailed notes on what the update contains. I can tell you that based on the collective feedback we've received, we will be carefully down-tuning the athleticism of defensive lineman and reduce the number of impressive picks by the big guys. We're also looking to address a few important dynasty progression and recruiting issues."

Will that fix address kickers as well as progression? We'll see. But at least they seem aware...


Jeffrey said...

Hey Bill,
Where do you like to get your realistic rosters from?

usedonce99 said...

If you thoroughly examine every sports game the way you do with NCAA, we'll be here all year :)

Excellent work as always Bill.

Deelron said...

At least it's kinda good news...

Jayhawker said...

Jeffery - I'm not sure if Bill gets them or develops them on his own. But if you check out the forums at Operation Sports, they actually have some pretty thoughtful guys that make sliders for almost every game that comes out.

Most games actually have a sub-forum for slider conversation, as well. Right now, NCAA has three guys that each have sliders based on Varsity, All-American, and Heisman. They all seem to have some merit.

I'm using SN's All-American set right now. All I had to adjust was FG and Punter accuracy, because I couldn't even count on hitting XP's.

What I do is read up and decide which set seems to address my needs, and then I feel free to alter those as I see fit. It's a bonus when sliders actually affect the game, of course.

Bill Harris at Dubious Quality will do slider work for Madden, and does a really nice job of explaining what he is trying to accomplish. That said, I thought his sliders last year were FUBAR.

bill abner said...

Hey Jeffrey, I'm not using any 'real' roster sets yet.

Jayhawker said...

Wow, I read "rosters" as sliders for some odd reason, leading to a long rambling post. Sorry.

I'm using FAIRDALE KINGS, myself. They are named and the depth charts seem to be accurate enough. But he doesn't touch the ratings, which I appreciate.

I'm glad EA still included Roster Share, even with the looming threats of lawsuits from players. I still think their days may be close over.

Jeffrey said...

Did you grab the Fairdale rosters via Rostershare Jayhawker? I haven't booted anything up on my computer yet linked to NCAA 11.