Sunday, September 27, 2009

OK, so...

Iowa beats Penn State AT Penn State. Beat them up, really. Iowa outplayed PSU all night.

New coach poll has Iowa ranked #17.

Penn State #13.

Iowa is 4-0
PSU 3-1.

How friggin dumb is that?

Last week USC was ranked #10
Ohio State #11

USC beats Washington State 27-6
OSU beats Illinois 30-0

USC jumps 3 spots
OSU jumps 2

WTF? How does USC jump Oklahoma ...OU was IDLE! Why not just do the, I don't know, obviouis thing, and move the teams up accordingly. USC proved what yesterday, exactly? I have no issue with USC being ahead of OSU (you can debate this based on total body of work but that's another topic) but USC jumping Oklahoma and Ohio State not is just stupid.

Ohio State in week 3 beat Toledo -- a team that everyone said would give OSU a game because they were scoring on people at will. Ohio State beat Toledo 38-0. And DROPPED 2 spots.

LSU beat bottom feeder Mississippi State due to a goaline stand yesterday. They stay at #4.

I know the Big10 is a national punching bag, I really do, and in part I think it's justified. But the lack of consistancy just baffles me.