Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Downtime Town

Robert is brilliant at this. Just hilarious. You don't see too many boardgame video reviews -- some, but most are fact based and stale and really, pretty boring.

These -- are not that.

GW just released Space Hulk. It's a $100 game. Yes, $100. And I am buying it. I LOVE Space Hulk. LOVE it. Here's why: (stay for the song at the end (some adult language in this vid, FWIW)

DowntimeTown Episode 7: Space Hulk from Robert Florence on Vimeo.

His Chaos in the Old World video is great, too.

DowntimeTown Episode 6: Chaos in the Old World from Robert Florence on Vimeo.

See more at his website.


Skeezer said...

thanks for pointing out that space hulk was re-released. i heard about it awhile ago, but saw that it was discontinued, so sort of forgot about it. my wife and i are big carcasonne fans....not sure if this will be her cup of tea, but we'll see.

Steve said...

Ditto. All we play is Settlers and Carcasonne. I think that maybe Space Hulk isn't for me. Am I right? :)