Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another Link About the Michigan Hit Piece

Okay, here’s another good counterpoint to the Free Press piece (of sh#$):


If you’re following the story at all, this is a must read. There’s a lot of looking at the facts, but this specific bit about Rosenberg really stood out to me because I feel exactly the same way.

The agenda, the motive here, is plainly obvious. Rosenberg has an ax to grind with Rodriguez. Whether it's because Rosenberg was in the Les Miles camp, or because Rodriguez is so different from Carr, who knows. Maybe it's because Rosenberg has, on more than one occasion, been removed from Michigan practices and scrimmages. Maybe he's been forcefed the green koolaid being passed around statewide. I haven't the faintest idea WHY. I just know the what. And the what is right there for everyone to see. Michael Rosenberg used to be one of the Freep's best when it came to sports journalism. While Drew Sharp relished in the hatred that his stupid ass columns conjured up and Mitch Albom somehow avoided the guillotine despite completely fabricating a story, Rosenberg was always sensible, insightful, and level-headed. In my eyes, he was up there with Wojo and Angelique from the News as the only respectable, worthwhile sports writers Detroit had. For god's sake, I bought his goddamn book, and this was after his jihad started. And it was a great book to read! But now he has let a personal vendetta ruin whatever credibility he had. He has presented a damning indictment of Rodriguez that lacks any amount of substantial evidence.

There’s also some stuff about Bo’s takeover of the program that strikes a chord as well as –despite my enormous respect of the man- a very fair assessment of the state of the program during Carr’s last couple years.