Saturday, September 5, 2009

NHL 10’s Be a Pro Draft

I have it. I’m playing it. Don’t want to get Bill in trouble so I’m unable to make any legit gameplay impressions. This post is just to note that my Be a Pro player was just drafted. The note sent to me:

Congratulations! You have been drafted by the Pittsburgh Penguins!

Is it not bad enough that the Wings lost to these guys in the playoffs this year? And then again in Bill Harris’s rigged NHL 09 playoff run? (Sir, good parents don’t let their children grow up to be Crosby fans. I kid, I kid.) But now I’m supposed to send my little digital Brakke to play in black and gold?

Um. No.

Now, where is that pesky reset button?


Jayhawker said...

Drafted by the Penguins? Didn't they have the last pick overall? Maybe you should have tried to not suck so much. ;-)

I'm so jealous right now. This and Batman AA were my only must-buy games of the year.

todd brakke said...

Weirdly, no, they drafted like 10th. When I re-ran the draft they were, I think, 30th. Not sure how the draft order is being determined. Possible there was a trade of draft picks? (Not sure if you can trade picks in the game. Haven't checked.)