Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NBA Live 10

Well, I have my copy, which I can't talk about. So this post is pretty much wasting your time. And mine. Sorry.

Things are busy right now this the blog slowdown. My apologies. Todd's in Canada seeing Dragon Age this week. I am such a great boss.

I'm finishing up Marvel Ult Alliance 2. Fun game. Same stuff, though.

In our OOTP 10 league my team lost the divisional series matchup with my father's team 3 games to 2.

I lost 9-8 after having a 7-4 lead going into the 9th inning with a closer who had a 97% save percentage and had given up ZERO homers all season. One 3-run HR later and I'm knocked out.

Stupid game.


google said...
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Cody said...

I just got done playing the demo on the PS3. Ehh. I think the animation is better than years before but the commentary seems lackluster , especially compared to what I've heard from NBA 2k10 this year. I cannot wait to try that demo on the Ps3 or the PC if they make one.

bill abner said...

Live's commentary is

Can you change the settings in the demo? With this game that is VITAL

pdawg17 said...


What do you mean "off" aren't getting any commentary in games? Also, why can't you talk about Live? EA hasn't given the OK yet?

And I will be getting Live...I've been a 2k guy for years but it just seems to be getting stale...both games have their flaws but at least Live feels "fresher"...

bill abner said...

Off as in "Greg Oden has such smooth moves getting to the basket..."

I love Greg Oden.

Yes embargo lifts on 10/6 so as far as I know I can't talk much about it.

I wish I could, though. Lots to talk about with this one so far.

Cody said...

No way to change game settings in the demo. I had a feeling the sliders would make a big difference. I'll wait to hear your take on it to see if it's worth a full 60 bucks or if I'll just pay 20 bucks and get the pc version of NBA 2k10.