Monday, January 26, 2009


Well I was going to go over how the trip went but after reading Todd's harrowing post -- I think I'll post the short version:

It was Disney for 2 weeks. That's a lot. We swam with dolphins at Discovery Cove -- in 50 degree weather (pool heated to 75 but I still froze). It was generally cool everyday -- mid 60s. This is PERFECT park weather though. Orlando in July? Hell no. Really January is a GREAT time to do this.

We rode rides (Tower of Terror..woo hoo), ate bad food, and had a pretty swell time. I ate shrimp on accident at a Character Dinner and my face turned beet red. My dogs had a bout of Colitis while we were gone -- this means they shit all over the house and my neighbor who was feeding them cleaned the entire downstairs. We were going to offer them dinner for taking care of the dogs but I am now thinking straight up cash.

Oddly enough I played more boardgames over these last 2 weeks than I have the previous few months -- since we visited Todd.

Glad to be a 10 inch snow storm is about to hit...

As for games, I am finally playing Mass Effect -- which remains just 'ok' IMO. It's no KOTOR. The 2K Baseball Manager game should be en route. NO idea what to expect from that. After loving (shockingly) NFL Head Coach -- I'm leaving expectation at the door.