Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well this has dampened my day a bit.

Coach Tressel just announced at his press briefing that Beanie Wells has been listed as doubtful for the USC game. This is surprising in that every report out of the WHAC (Woody Hayes Athletic Facility) was that Beanie was fine and ready to go. Tressel said he was sore after practice -- much more than they would have hoped and he's being listed as doubtful.

Doubtful doesn't mean out, but even if he plays USC will not be seeing a 100% Beanie. A close to 100 % Beanie is vital to OSU's chances against USC.

If Wells can't go we have shifted from a game I thought we could win to a game I hope we can keep close with our defense. It's tough to lose a Heisman candidate and not miss more than a few beats.