Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Head Coach Patch (360)

Here's the latest from Josh:

PS3 should be out later this week or early next week.

Here is the change list:

Fixed the Bug that caused players to remain injured when you go into play creator.

Fixed the ability to call plays within the two minute drill.

Fixed the Brett Favre career stats issue.

Fixed the ability for us to change team philosophies in the roster update. If you have the previous roster update, you should see some major changes in ratings.

Fixed the bug that caused low rated players to ask for a very large deal when re-signing.

Fixed the Draft Day trading issue that allowed the user to force every team to trade their pick to another team.

Fixed the ability to change a QB to WR and change him back to QB again.

Fixed the bug where teams would not kick a FG at the end of the half.

Fixed fumbles. We put in a fix that should make these much more realistic.

Fixed CPU fatigue subbing. Running backs will now come out of the game more quickly and be replaced by their backup.

Fixed FG distance. Kickers will be able to kick longer FGs now.

Added the option to turn off CPU Downloaded Plays.

Fixed the bug that was causing RFAs to not show up after year 1.

Fixed the bug that wouldn't take a player's current salary into account when figuring out if you had enough cap room to re-sign him.

Fixed a big issue that we believe was causing 99% of the crashes or more.


I haven't tried the patch yet but if it does all of this -- it takes Head Coach 09 from a very good yet frustratingly flawed game to a top shelf must buy.

Superb support guys. Truly great.