Monday, September 15, 2008

More Art in Detroit

Last week I noted the "beauty" of the Detroit Lions isn't just that they lose, it's that they make losing an art form. This week they once again went down 21-0, although it took them the better part of one half to do it, instead of the better part of a quarter. That's nothing, though. This time, they played a decent second half to rally to a 25-24 lead with 5 minutes to play. Let me repeat that:

The Lions were winning the game 25-24 with 5 minutes to play.

They lost the game 48-25.

In five minutes of one quarter they gave up 24 points, which included three interceptions from Jon "I'm a serviceable QB if it's not the 4th quarter" Kitna, two of which were returned for touchdowns.

Losing in style. You gotta love it.

On the bright side, Calvin Johnson is for real. It's a shame he'll likely ending up blowing a hall of fame career playing for the Lions.