Friday, September 19, 2008

I Live!

Man...what an ordeal. I am back (firmly) online after the wind storm which knocked Ohio off line.

Real quick -- link time:

Here's the NFL Head Coach Post Release Q&A.

Here's the Warhammer Battle March Review:

Here's the Quick Take on Warhammer Online

BTW if you are playing WAR I'm on the crazy popular Skull Throne server as Dimzad the happy go lucky Black Orc. Look me up.

I have NHL 09 and need to start playing it. Todd has NHL 2K and better be playing it. (har har.)

Lots for me to do today so in the spirit of as Inigo said in the Princess Bride -- 'let me sum up.'

Ohio State got embarrassed. I was sad.

The Browns scored 6 points at home and managed the clock like a band of monkeys. I was sad.

Our soccer team tied 2-2 Saturday thanks to my coaching brilliance of yelling at the kids to "Score! Score! Go! Run!"

Having no power is oddly serene. We had a small generator to keep the fridge running and a few lamps on but it was ...calming. Now we're back online and it feels sorta...I dunno, different. In a way I miss the "quiet" of it all. Talk about seeing first hand how we're a slave to technology -- go without consistent power for 72 hours .