Friday, August 6, 2010

Titans 24 Browns 10

So...tonight Madden 11 received "some" sort of patch. No idea what it was (going to try and get some info from EA).

BUTafter said update...

I was DESTROYED by Tennessee. My 10 points? 7 were off a Joe Haden INT Touchdown.

This was with my custom slider set (see below posts)

Colt McCoy's stats?

12/31 98 yards 3 INT
Young was 15/30 203 yds 2 TS 1 INT
Johnson was a beast: 21 carries 120 yards
Harrison was a non factor (first time that has EVER happened in Madden 11) -- 45 yards for the game.


Now, if you have followed my games thus far you will see I never have been stoned like this by the AI defense. Granted this was with a heavy slider lean to the AI

This was either a serious case of The Placebo Effect or that update did something to he DB AI because no one was open all game long.