Thursday, August 5, 2010

NCAA 11 Live Tuned.

I find it utterly amazing that after all these years we are back living in the world of post release patches. It's 1999 all over again. Time to fire up High Heat Baseball!

I am not complaining. Better to fix/tweak/improve a game after release rather than just moving on to the next version. So, EA -- well done. Post release support is a great, great way to garner a more positive relationship with users.

I'm still in Madden Test Mode but if you want to know what's going on with NCAA.

Read this. And smile. We will most certainly get impressions up as soon as possible.

Maybe I can even get Todd to do something. (Zing!)


Jayhawker said...

It's cool that they did this.

It's odd that one of his tables shows clearly that every single team still gets worse over time. The get less worse than before, but the trend is still sitting there plain as day in the table he provided.

But it does seem like they may have fixed some issues that will keep the game from losing all of its A rated teams, and one that is nearly half D rated teams. So I can probably live with where it is.

But more importantly, the tune package will allow them to continue to tweak. This worked out well for NHL 10, so I have high hopes for NCAA 11. At the very least, I appreciate the proactive attitude the developers seem to be taking with this game. I definitely get the feeling that they will fix what can be fixed.

Jeffrey said...

When does this tuning update go live?