Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More Madden This Evening

Played a few more games with some major slider tweaks with some (mostly) promising results.

However -- gotta admit this pissed me off and it takes a lot anymore to really do that with a videogame. And I know this is an OLD issue with this game.

So I'm playing the hated Ravens and they have no time outs left at midfield. They throw a 25 yard pass to Heap over the middle and he's tackled at my 25 -- he goes down with :08 seconds left. They go to a highlight of the play and come back and they are all nice and tidy and lined up for a FG.

Um, what?

There is no way in hell that they could get down the field 25 yards and get the FG team set up -- even if you want to give them the benefit of the doubt that they spiked the ball. (they didn't) With 8 seconds left? Uh uh. Not going to happen. The half should have ended right there but no..they kick a FG and take the lead at half.

Stupid Ravens.

But can you imagine losing a playoff game to something like this? Oh the humanity!


porretto said...

Hasn't there always been a reluctance on EA's part to have the accelerated clock be in effect in the last 2 minutes? That's seems to be the time its needed the most to be realistic. It should FORCE you to hurry up.

Rich said...

Odd. I think NCAA has a 10-second or so auto. run off if you chose to huddle, regardless of if its under 2 mins. That is the way it should be, huddling takes time (or in your case, subbing on the FG team).