Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tiger 360 Review

Embargo lifted. Review posted.

This is actually a really entertaining game after you sink enough hrs to be competitive.


halos17 said...

You played with Lickliter?? Was he as volatile then as he is now?

Love your take on games Bill. Your perspective and opinion is right in line with many of us "realism" types.

Thank you for all you do for the sports gaming community. Your opinion is highly respected.

Your blog is always on watch in Google Reader for me. Keep up the great work!

Best wishes, Rob.

bill abner said...

Frank was quiet back then. I played a lot with him at Shaker Run (we were both members back in HS) and we also played against each other in actual high school matches.

Actually, that's half true. He was the #1 man for Franklin High and I was the #2 for our school so we didnt play head to head. Thank Goodness for that...

Frank so SOOO good in HS. Regularly fired off 34, 35 scores for 9 hole matches at age 17.

But he was also tough to "know" -- not the most personable fella, even back then. Very reserved.

His sister was also damn good, she played against the boys -- and did quite well.

思姿穎穎 said...