Saturday, June 19, 2010

Back From E3

Much to discuss.

From a slew of games to rioting Laker fans to fire alarms in the hotel at 2am.

Ah, Los Angeles.

I will be working all day writing, editing and getting ready for Monday's enormous GameShark E3 A-Z page.

Just know this: Strongest EA Sports show -- maybe ever. EA Sports had a great, great show. I am under embargo until June 23 re: the new NBA game but ....yeah.

A seriously good show for EA Sports.

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wco81 said...

Got rid of Madden 10 after a month or two, mainly to get FIFA 11.

Now as release approaches, I'm getting pulled in again, mainly by curiosity about OTP.

But it sounds like NHL and maybe NBA Elite and certainly FIFA will be stronger games.

Nothing else, you can preorder from Amazon then use the $20 credit towards another game if Madden 11 disappoints.

Maybe pick it up again for the Toys R Us sale at the end of September or October.