Monday, March 29, 2010

Jumping the Shark #9 – Metro 2033, Awakening, Red Steel 2, and PC Gaming

It’s up and it’s extra tasty crispy this week. (iTunes here.) Bill leads off by telling us he’s going to briefly talk some Metro 2033 and then proceeds to ramble on for a solid 25 minutes. It’s good stuff, though and I’ve gone from being firmly in the “I’ll ignore this game” camp to the, “Hmm. Maybe I should play this,” side of the playground. This section also drops the show’s first official F-bomb and it’s damn funny. Nice, Bill. (At Bill’s request, it’s bleeped so we can avoid the explicit tag.)

Beyond that we’ve got some more chatter about Dragon Age: Awakening and Brandon expresses his deep-seeded love for Red Steel 2. I’m seriously thinking of having a ninja attack him at E3 this year. Just for kicks. Anyone know any?

Finally, we’ve got in some PC gaming discussion in which Danielle quite accurately points out that the consoles won hearts and minds by actually becoming more PC-like. Not one to be happy about anything I lament the lack of care and attention given to PC ports of console games. I know Brandon’s right when he talks about the extra costs and resources involved in tricking out a game for its PC version, but I still say if developers are going to port a game to the PC then port the darn thing to the PC. We’re not talking quantum physics here. Time and money is being spent and you are charging full price for that version, so make enough of an effort that we don’t end up with something like this :

This is both simultaneously hilarious and sad.

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