Monday, March 8, 2010

Bill's Bullet Point Review of MLB 2K10 Part II: The Franchise

As we continue to take a look at MLB 2K10 in bullet form here's what my notepad has to say about the game's franchise mode. Take it away notepad!

  • Before getting to franchise, on Pro level the CPU never hits home runs. Ever. Well, at least after 10 games. Not one homer.

  • There are no errors in this game. 10 games no errors. At all? Really guys? This is um, kinda important.

  • I like that I can get anal and control every team in franchise mode if the AI is awful (it usually is awful)

  • You can also force trades -- I like that too. Give me 100% control. (same cannot be said for the disabling of achievements...)

  • 40 man rosters, summer drafts, all nice. No arbitration? Weird omission.

  • Wait..I have to get all micromanagey and buy these Inside Edge reports? Ugh so I have no idea what pitches Ben Sheets throws unless I "buy" the A's report? Good lord people this is busywork, not depth.

  • So the game will let me trade 35 year old .270 hitting SS Orlando Cabrera for Andy Pettitte. Haha ok!

  • I can also trade Hernandez (Reds overpaid catcher) for young (and cheap) Oakland catcher Landon Powell. Done! This is comically entertaining.

  • I also trade for Lowe and give up a backup outfielder. Hah.

  • OK rookie draft and the Reds draft six players, all 20-21 years old, all rated in the low 70s. Shit these guys can play on the big league team NOW. a problem. These guys are rated way, way, too high. Maybe I'll make another trade for a 75-80 rated pitcher and get rid of my now REALLY overpriced players because these rooks are ready to play!

  • Reds suffer their first injury and it's late July. Bruised thumb for Rolen. We are made of IRON.

  • The Rangers beat the Giants 4 games to 3 in the series and the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse destroy the entire planet.

  • Stats all look 'ok' -- some outliers like the top 5 league leaders in errors are *all* 1B. Errors are just totally fubar in this game. Only 12 hitters in .300 and above league wide. Very much on the low side.

  • On the whole stats are passable, but do look a bit off ...but not enough to claim foul.
  • Griffey Jr. retired. I feel old.
  • Off season time and everyone on the Reds improves. Wait, what? Scott Rolen got better by 2 points? He's like...old. and he hit .244! How is that possible? The ONE guy who gets worse drops 7 points and it's Johnny Cueto!? What!?

  • The best available Free Agent is Jermaine Dye. Wow. The best pitcher available is a guy I don't know rated a 72 overall. Looks like basically every name FA re-signed with his team. Ugh. This'll be quick...