Monday, March 8, 2010

Bill's Bullet Point Review of MLB 2K10 Part II: The Franchise

As we continue to take a look at MLB 2K10 in bullet form here's what my notepad has to say about the game's franchise mode. Take it away notepad!

  • Before getting to franchise, on Pro level the CPU never hits home runs. Ever. Well, at least after 10 games. Not one homer.

  • There are no errors in this game. 10 games no errors. At all? Really guys? This is um, kinda important.

  • I like that I can get anal and control every team in franchise mode if the AI is awful (it usually is awful)

  • You can also force trades -- I like that too. Give me 100% control. (same cannot be said for the disabling of achievements...)

  • 40 man rosters, summer drafts, all nice. No arbitration? Weird omission.

  • Wait..I have to get all micromanagey and buy these Inside Edge reports? Ugh so I have no idea what pitches Ben Sheets throws unless I "buy" the A's report? Good lord people this is busywork, not depth.

  • So the game will let me trade 35 year old .270 hitting SS Orlando Cabrera for Andy Pettitte. Haha ok!

  • I can also trade Hernandez (Reds overpaid catcher) for young (and cheap) Oakland catcher Landon Powell. Done! This is comically entertaining.

  • I also trade for Lowe and give up a backup outfielder. Hah.

  • OK rookie draft and the Reds draft six players, all 20-21 years old, all rated in the low 70s. Shit these guys can play on the big league team NOW. a problem. These guys are rated way, way, too high. Maybe I'll make another trade for a 75-80 rated pitcher and get rid of my now REALLY overpriced players because these rooks are ready to play!

  • Reds suffer their first injury and it's late July. Bruised thumb for Rolen. We are made of IRON.

  • The Rangers beat the Giants 4 games to 3 in the series and the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse destroy the entire planet.

  • Stats all look 'ok' -- some outliers like the top 5 league leaders in errors are *all* 1B. Errors are just totally fubar in this game. Only 12 hitters in .300 and above league wide. Very much on the low side.

  • On the whole stats are passable, but do look a bit off ...but not enough to claim foul.
  • Griffey Jr. retired. I feel old.
  • Off season time and everyone on the Reds improves. Wait, what? Scott Rolen got better by 2 points? He's like...old. and he hit .244! How is that possible? The ONE guy who gets worse drops 7 points and it's Johnny Cueto!? What!?

  • The best available Free Agent is Jermaine Dye. Wow. The best pitcher available is a guy I don't know rated a 72 overall. Looks like basically every name FA re-signed with his team. Ugh. This'll be quick...


Cory said...

Man, franchise sounds like a mess. I guess the devs spent all their time trying to nail down the pitching/hitting, which seems to have turned out fairly well.

bill abner said...

Oh you can clearly tell that the vast majority of focus was on that and the My Player thing.

serialmike said...

Dam you Bill, I got the dam thing today.

Though I do only play season. So all this is moot for the most part.

bill abner said...

I didn't tell you to do that mr trigger finger :)

serialmike said...

Heh, Nah its cool I actually returned mag a present I got for it so it isnt a big deal.

I played a game and while there are "oddities". The bottom line no matter how you slice it is, that 2k's game this year is flatout fun. It is a decent enough game of baseball to overlook the crap thats not right to enjoy the fun to be had form a great pitcher batter interface imo.

I think what we have here is a classic example of original MVP baseball. And I am now very interested in what this title is gonna look like next season.

Joel Hulsey said...

Lots of room for improvement of course, but this year is WAY better than last year's disaster!