Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Pimpage: ME2 Review and JtS Ep #2

I’m sitting in an airport waiting on a flight to Boston so I figured that’s as good a time as any for a little shameless self-promotion.

My Mass Effect 2 review is live at Gameshark today. Needless to say, I loved it. There are issues with it, but at the end of the day, it was just too enjoyable to get hung up on petty things like the tedious scanning of planets or the fact that the actual amount of gameplay in the game is a little limited. I’m starting playthrough number two as soon as possible.

Also, episode #2 of the Jumping the Shark podcast is live. Note also, much thanks to Brandon, that this week we do have an iTunes subscription feed up and running. Yay!  Let me tell you, these things are a bitch to edit, but I think the result has been worth the effort. Bill, Brandon, and Danielle all do such a fab job of making themselves seem interesting. Fortunately, knowing them like I do, I know that it’s an illusion and they are, in reality, just horrible, horrible people bent on world domination. (In the same sort of way the Brain, of Pinky and the Brain, is bent on just that. Sadly, I think that makes me Pinky.)  Anyway, if you’ve any feedback on the show… well, tell it to someone who cares. –Kidding- Feel free to leave any thoughts in the comments as we are most definitely still learning what we’re doing here.

And with that I shall await my flight. I may have dodged a bullet as I was originally schedule to fly through Washington DC, which I hear is just a mess today. Many flights in were cancelled. Mine was delayed by over three hours. Fortunately, US Airways rules and they got me moved to another carrier that has a direct flight. Huzzah!

…now watch my plane crash. That’s how these things happen. Fortunately, I saw a survival guide this weekend on how to survive a fall from 35k feet so if something does go wrong midflight then I am equipped to survive!


wco81 said...

Hmm, do they still make Game Sharks?

Hard to believe they got so big selling those things and now Rock Band and Guitar Hero controllers are big.

Jayhawker said...

another nice podcast. You have me wanting to try out Mass Effect 2, but I went back decided to finish Bioshock instead. I'll probably give Bioshock 2 a try once Ken Levine finally releases whatever secret game he is working on.

But more importantly, let's not hate on M. Night! It's not fair to pick on the guy for his bad movies. the Sixth Sense and Unbreakable were damn fine movies, and more than most directors ever accomplish.

I thought The village was a pretty good film, and even better if you don't judge it purely on its ability to produce a surprise twist.

I'll give the Abner props for dissing Signs, though. I never could figure out why that movie got any attention. He was 100% right. Lamest alien invasion ever.

And let's not forget The Happening, which is probably the closest he has come to achieving his real goal in filmmaking, and that is Hitchcockian suspense. That's three great movies, which should cut him a break for any of his movies that failed.

A never did go see Lady in the water, but I doubt it would make me think less of Unbreakable, which is my personal favorite of his.