Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Historical Fact: This is the Single Best Trailer Ever!

It’s interesting how the brain works sometimes. For the last week I’ve been making comparisons between Mass Effect 2 and Wing Commander and, completely separate to this, also was recently involved in a conversation about movie trailers. The combination of the two reminded me of something I hadn’t thought of for at least a decade: The Wing Commander 4 trailer. And not just any Wing Commander 4 trailer, but one that specifically shipped on a CD accompanying a copy of Computer Gaming World back in the day. So naturally I Googled it and… well, let’s just say I well and truly love YouTube sometimes.

Here now, this cheesetastically awesome trailer for Wing Commander 4. Just watching this makes me want to hop into the virtual cockpit of a Rapier or even a Scimitar.

“You're gonna wish you never met me.”

“I already do.”

Oh, Mark, go on with your bad self. I’d almost forgotten Biff from Back to the Future played Maniac in the third and fourth game. (Was he in #5?) Love it.