Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Once a month I get into a debate over this when playing basketball at the rec center and I am continually amazed by the fact that so many basketball players don't know how this works.

If the ball simply hits your foot, it's not a kick. If you dribble the ball and it bounces off my foot unintentionally -- it's not a kick. If I raise my leg in an attempt to deflect the ball -- that is a kick. If you throw a bounce pass and it hits my shin (and I'm playing defense) and I didn't raise my leg in an attempt to kick it. That is not a kick.

I have found that people will almost come to blows over this rule because everyone thinks they know how it works-- but most don't.

I think this rule, as well as the "shooting the ball over the backboard is the ball still in play?" rule are the two most misunderstood pick up game rules in the sport.

That and the definition of a moving screen.