Monday, April 19, 2010

Gameshark Podcast Episode 12: Gaming Lulls

This week's show is about what we do during our gaming downtime. Brandon reveals he never has downtime and then goes off about Pokemon. Seriously.

There's also some Mount & Blade and Wario DIY is there as well.

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Punning Pundit said...

I just listened to your podcast while working out. Combine that with the amount of workout out while gaming you guys do, and I'm left wondering how many calories are burned during an average podcast...

I find the premise of your "gaming lull" segment sort of baffling. I don't experience gaming lulls, I don't think most people do either. There are simply more good games being produced than most gamers have time to play. Everyone I talk with has a gaming _backlog_, and would gladly take a few months off from buying games.

What do I do in a month where the best game coming out is Super Mario Galaxy 2? Play some more AI war or L4D2, or Braid, or... Anything else I've got sitting in a Steam or Impulse account that I haven't gotten to.