Friday, November 6, 2009

Left 4 Dead 2 Demo and Dragon Age

So, I'm loving Dragon Age. Granted I started with the 360 version, played the human origin story, was underwhelmed, smacked myself in the face and cursed my name for abandoning my roots by not buying the PC edition to start with, and started over with a bald female elf mage. She's aces. But I just got to Ostragar (sp?) so basically my adventure is just getting under way.

Playing a female character is new to me. I usually don't do this (we even make Todd play Chole in Left 4 Dead) but I did catch myself wandering the Inner Circle, coming across a guard who was acting nervous/shy when talking to me and I kept thinking, "I bet I totally bang this dude later on in the game."

I bought the Digital Deluxe Super Duper Edition or whatever it's called and got the DLC Todd was pining about. I think I get some extra gear storage space, or something. Todd told me to get it so I did. I'm pretty easy.

I would be further along in DA if it wasn't for a call from Billy Baroo last night to try the L4D 2 demo via XBL. It was a disaster thanks to massive lag -- it was nearly unplayable. I'm still not sold on this version. The demo is basically the same stuff we saw at E3, and the daylight just seems...wrong.

When I say I'm not sold that doesn't mean I won't but it. We only (usually) get one review copy per title delivered to the GameShark Home Office (my house) and I'm not reviewing L4D2 so I'll pony up just like I did with Dragon Age. I'll buy it, we'll play countless hours via online co-op and hopefully more Vs. mode but I still hate the sunshine.

News on the Mary front is mostly positive. Coming off the steroids is a bitch -- it's put her in a really foul "I said I want FOUR ICE CUBES NOT THREE!" kind of mood. But I serve with a smile. She's had a brutal 10 days. On the plus side we have moved from Mad Men (we're totally caught up now on the series) to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Great, great show.