Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ahhh Steroids

Last night things with Mary finally took a turn for the awesome.

Her allergic reaction, to which we still do not know the cause, was truly unbelievable. It looked like her face was going to pop. I was trying to express how bad it was to friends and family and all I could come up with was asking, "Have you seen the film Mask? The one with Cher. Mary looks like Eric Stoltz."

That's a slight exaggeration -- but only slight. The nurse freaked out when she saw how bad it was. It was dangerous. We were all freaked out, scared, and hoping whatever it was wouldn't spread to where she couldn't breathe.

The doctor -- the surgeon who performed the Septo-Rhino-Plasty gave her enough steroids for a man weighing 250 pounds. Mary checks in at 135. If this failed she'd be admitted and pumped with an IV Steroid. It almost came to that.

Last night she got her jawline back. That was a big step. She also got all of her bandages removed from her nose -- another big step. She's still swollen but at least she looks like Mary and not Mike Meyers as the fat Scotsman from Austin Powers. She's smiling. Eating. And making me clean...she's feeling like herself.

So I hope the worst has passed -- even though she will be on the steroids for another week.

Thanks so much for all of the e,mails and comments. We both appreciate it. (Me and Mary, not Todd.)

As for games-- I bought Dragon Age on the 360 -- and it's UGLY. Distractingly ugly.

So I ponied up and bought the PC version as well which I'll start tonight after Mary crashes.

She's been confined to the couch for SO long..we watched all 3 seasons of Mad Men. That's a lot of Madison Ave.