Monday, May 10, 2010

Jumping the Shark #15: Retro Gaming

On this week's Jumping the Shark we get into retro gaming with Tom Ohle, the North America VP of Marketing and PR for Good Old Games ( As much as I like it when we just have our regular crew, there's no denying our shows are always better when we have a guest and Tom was a great one.

This week there's much more Mass Effect 2 discussion (with quite the debate on the game's sexual content), I get schooled in Batman Arkham Asylum combat mechanics, and Tom reveals his not-so-secret love affair with FIFA 10.

The meat of the show, however, is the retro gaming discussion as we talk about the merits of playing games older than Danielle (not really) and how GOG fits into the equation. I downloaded Heroes of Might and Magic 3 off the service last week and even on the 64-bit version of Windows 7, it ran without a hitch. Great stuff. At some point I have to get on there and purchase Sanitarium, which is supposed to be a fantastic game. I purchased it off a bargain rack years ago and it wouldn't run on my system, so if GOG has a magic touch that gets it going they'll have earned my money for it.

Also of note, Tom does the PR for The Witcher, so we got into The Witcher 2. It was nice to, for once, talk about a game's lack of presence on consoles instead of vice-versa. Yay PC!