Monday, May 3, 2010

Jumping the Shark #14

It’s up. This week we dove head first into the whole Ebert-Can Games Be Art? thing. Although I did push for us to go with this topic, it was one I was nervous about treading on because there are two big groups of people in this debate: Those who get pissy at anyone who has a different opinion than they do and people who think the debate is stupid and pointless and not worth talking about. Also, I’m likely to say something stupid. Fortunately, that last point is hardly a rare occurrence for me and I’ve reached a certain comfort level with knowing that at some point(s) during editing the show I’m going to cringe and bang my head on the desk over something I said. Such is the price of being a star.

Fortunately, I think the show came out pretty good this week. Not as good as last week’s show on Metacritic, which I think was in the top three shows we’ve done so far, but #14 was not the disaster I feared it might be. Danielle, in particular, I thought really carried the show and the topic, so if for no other reason, tune in to listen to her sound smarter than the rest of us combined.